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International Union of Soil Sciences 

Since January 2011 I am the IUSS Secretary General and follow a long tradition of Dutch in those positions (DJ Hissink 1924-1950; FA van Baren 1950-1974; WG Sombroek 1978-1990). Since September 2011 I am based in the USA and it is first time that the IUSS has its seat outside Europe.

The website of the IUSS (www.iuss.org) was established in 2001. The IUSS website has been designed to provide IUSS members with information about the Union, and to provide links and interesting information about soil and soil related activities throughout the world. The number of monthly visits to the IUSS website has steadily increase and currently the site is visited over 140,000 times per year. The website is increasingly been used and is one of the main communication medium for IUSS members. We continue to develop links with national soil science societies and share information through the IUSS Alerts and Bulletins.


    2011 in Indiana - The IUSS Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General in the field


  2010 in Brisbane - L to R: Alex McBratney (Deputy Secretary), John Kim (Vice President), Jae Yang (President) and Alfred Hartemink (Secretary General)

One of the important outreach IUSS activities was the link with the Year of Planet Earth initiative, for which we have written the brochure "Soil - Earth's living skin" (available in 5 languages).

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