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Reading and writing are complementary joys although it is easier to read for prolonged periods than to write. Both reading and writing can give new insights. Reading can give direct new information, whilst writing can give insight through the ordering of information into a logical or desirable sequence and form. I can hardly imagine that is it possible to do one without the other, but I tend to think that some people write more than they read – and if they read it might be mostly their own manuscripts, proofs or final papers. The more I read the more I notice how poorly some people express themselves. There is too much haste in writing (tongue in cheek) which I notice in some of the papers that I review - below is an overview of my editorial activities. And yes, Francis Crick is right, mostly.



2010-present : Initiator and Editor of Springer book series World Soils Book Series
2009-present : Initiator and Editor of Springer book series Progress in Soil Science, jointly with A.B.


2006-present : Editor-in-Chief of Geoderma

2002-present : Editor of the IUSS Bulletin

1999-present : Book Review editor Geoderma


Associate Editor

2012-present : Associate editor of Soil Horizons

2011-present : Associate editor of Soil Use & Management

2010-present : Associate editor of Soil & Tillage Research
2010-present : Associate editor of Catena
2004-present : Editorial board member of Pedosphere

2000-present  : Associate editor of Outlook on Agriculture


Past Editorial Activities

2008-2009      : Editor book “Digital Soil Mapping: Bridging Research, Production, and Environmental

                          Application”, jointly with J.L. BOETTINGER, D.W. HOWELL, A.M. MOORE, S. KIENAST-

2005-2008     : Editorial board member of Plagiary

2003-2006     : Editorial board member of the Encyclopedia of Soil Science

2003-2006     : Editor of review papers in Geoderma

2002-2003     : Guest editor of special issue of Land Use Policy on soil degradation in Africa, jointly with

                         H. van Keulen

2002-2006      : Editorial board member of the PNG Coffee Journal 

2001               : Guest editor of special issue of Geoderma on its 100th Vol., jointly with A.B. McBratney

2001-2005      : Editor Newsletter Dutch Society of Soil Science NBV Nieuwsbrief

2000-2009      : Series editor of Developments in Soil Science, jointly  with A.B. McBratney

2000               : Contributor and assistant editor of the The Encyclopaedic Dictionary

                    of environmental Change Arnold, London. 

1999               : Assistant editor of book “Response to Land Degradation” Oxford, New Delhi.

1998-2006     : Editorial board member Geoderma

1998               : Editor of special issue on Soil Research and Management in Papua New Guinea 

1996-2000     : Member of the editorial board of Papua New Guinea Journal of

                         Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

1994-present : Reviewing of manuscripts for: Soil Science Society of America Journal,

                       Geoderma, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment,Communications

                        in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, Journal of Plant Nutrition, Human

                        Ecology, Journal of Environmental Management, Australian Journal

                        of Soil Research, Outlook on Agriculture, Forest Ecology and

                        Management,  Biotropica, Field Crops Research (and many others I forgot).