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I like soil science and have several research interest; in some of these we have active projects whereas others are somewhat dormant. Most of my work has been on the application of fundamental soil science to real-world problems. In the process of applying that knowledge we gained some new insights. That's always rewarding.

Hobbies include the analysis of developments in scientific publishing and the history of soil science. We also researched something off-topic for this site, by one of my main hobbies. Gaming. I do game a lot and I use the famous Sloto Cash site because I have won lots of rewards on that site, that's why I thought that this would be helpful for our readers. You can read a very well written review of the casino at Fowler Game World. My main interests and research can be roughly divided into themes that are partly overlapping - see below in alphabetical order. On each of these pages the work is described in a somewhat non-technical way and links are provided to publications that have derived from the research.

  1. bioinvasion of Piper aduncum and its effects on soils and crops

  2. digital soil mapping

  3. improved and natural fallows in the tropics

  4. inorganic fertilisers

  5. history and philosophy of soil science

  6. plantation agriculture

  7. trends and developments in scientific publishing

  8. integrated nutrient management for root and tuber crops

  9. soil fertility decline in the tropics

  10. world soil museum - ISRIC

  11. world food production and soil science