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University of Wisconsin – Madison
Department of Soil Science
1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1299



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                                              Madison, January 2012


 In a sense we are unique, moist packages of animated soil

           F.D. Hole (1988)


I am a soil scientist and this is my homepage. This website includes some information on what I have done and currently do, and what I like most of all: soil science. There are pages on my research, on the papers that were written and about my current and past activities. Here I will let you know what I do in my free time, other than soil science. Well, in my free time I enjoy reading science fiction books, as the most discussed genre in the literature, that takes me into the future. Sometimes I watch movies, but the most favorite pastime for me is playing online casino games Many will ask me why casino games? They bring thrill and excitement, I play them for fun using no deposit free spins, and I am able to win real money. I travel to a galaxy far, far away when I play the fantasy-themed slots, and the classic arcade games take me back in the golden age of games.